The one, who is more than a friend

Have you ever had a moment, when you take-off your sweatshirt, your shirt comes off too? Now, your face is covered with sweatshirt, you’re in the dark, wondering if you should put back the sweatshirt, or take it off with the shirt?

While that may be an easy decision, it may consume quite an energy, when it comes to relationships. There are times, I’m left with that kind of a feeling, when I want to take my friendship one-level up with a friend. That someone, who could be more than your friend, a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, to whom you expose your self.

So, do you take the friendship one level-up and tell that someone is more than a friend, and make the move? Or, not risk lose the friendship and keep it to yourself? Even worse, you may think that someone may use you to their benefit if you expose yourself?

Friendship is the foundation to every relationship, as someone enlightened me once, and I find it to be true to my life experiences. In fact, I believe that a relationship cannot be genuine or strong, unless you have friendship at the bottom of it.

Be willing to get naked. Be vulnerable.

That’s the only way you find love.

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